International Business Case TRANSITIONING TO A REGENERATIVE FUTURE: Business Models, Financing, and Innovation

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Penulis: Rocky Adiguna , Rokhima Rostiani , (Editor)


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Transirioning ro a Regenerative Future: Business Models,Financing, and Innovation illumi-nates the path for businesses grappling wirh the imperativc shift towards sustainability. Set against the backcIrop of Indonesia's and Southeast Asia's diverse economic landscape, this collection of case studies explores how companies across sectors are embedding regenerative practices into their operations. From maritime logistics with PT PELN1 to innovative waste recycling with Wastic Thailand, each chapter delves into real-world applications of sustaina-bility, showcasing efforts ro balance economic growth with environmental stewardship and social welfare. Aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, this book offers the nuanced challenges for navigating the complexities of sustainable business models, making it a critical resource for studenrs and lecturers alike.