Christopher A. Woodrich

CHRISTOPHER WOODRICH is a doctoral student at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, currently completing a dissertation on the history of the act of film adaptation in Indonesia. He is Chief Administrative Coordinator of the International Indonesia Forum and an editor of the forum’s working papers series. His research interests include Indonesian popular culture, particularly Dutch East Indies-era cinema and literature, as well as the overlap between different forms of media.

His English-language publications include Lilis Suryani’s “Gang Kelinci” as a Reflection of Social Realities in Indonesia (1957–1965) (Diglossia, 2013) and Between the Village and the City: Representing Colonial Indonesia in the Films of Saeroen (Social Transformations, 2015). He has also published extensively in Indonesian, including “Perjalanan Pascakolonial dalam ‘Tamasya dengan Perahu Bugis’ Karya Zuber Usman” (Sintesis, 2013) and “Masalah Cina, Masalah Cinta: Posisi Orang Tionghoa dalam Di Kaki Bukit Cibalak Karya Ahmad Tohari” (Poetika, 2014).